Mid West


Yemen is undergoing the worst humanitarian crisis of recent times

The five-year long war has set Yemen 20 years back in terms of development. Civilians are being killed on a daily basis, lakhs of them starving to death. Women and children are forced into human trafficking, prostitution and deployment in the army. Yet, the UN has failed to bring both war sides at a compromise of power, risking the lives of everyone in between.

Arabian Murder Mystery

Jamal khashoggi, a well known Saudi journalist entered his country's consulate in Istanbul on October 2, but never returned. After initial flip flops, it is now clear, that he was killed inside the consulate building on the same day.
Isra Al Ghamgham

Legal Murder

Prominent Saudi Shia activist Isra-al-Ghamgham, is facing a death penalty for charges of 'providing moral support to rioters'.