GN Saibaba's co-accused Pandu Narote in near-death situation

Counsel alleges negligence and apathy

Credit : Indie Journal

Activist and co-accused in the UAPA case registered against Dr GN Saibaba, former professor at the Delhi University, Pandu Narote is reportedly in a near-death situation in the Nagpur Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH). A statement issued in this regard says that Narote is on ventilator support, down with a serious condition, presumed to be either a serious infection or influenza. However, the statement alleges that neither the lawyer nor Narote’s family members were informed of his serious health condition.

Narote has been lodged at the Nagpur Central Prison since his conviction, where Saibaba is also incarcerated.

“We do not know what disease this is, neither do we know when it started. The lawyer got the information from secondary sources and demanded more details from the Jail authorities, who then told him he was admitted in ICU on August 20. He went to the Government hospital today to meet Pandu, who was in a terrible state, unable to speak. No other details are being provided by the jail authorities even after multiple requests have been put forth by the lawyer,” the statement says.

The statement has condemned the “gross negligence and violation of prisoners rights from the jail”. It also adds that there is no update from the jail regarding the condition of Saibaba or other inmates.

This is not the first time since such an allegation has been made against the authorities at Nagpur Central Prison. Earlier this year, in the month of May, Saibaba had gone on hunger strike against CCTV surveillance of the entire anda cell. He had started hunger strike despite his already existing bad health condition and multiple ailments. Saibaba’s wife AS Vasantha Kumari had said at the time that jail authorities were not cooperative when she tried to get details about her husband’s health. She had also stated that despite his bad health, Saibaba was not admitted to a hospital.

Delhi University professor GN Saibaba was arrested in 2017 along with Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirkey and Vijay Tirkey. They were booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).