Jagruti Katkar

Parveena Ahengar

Ghosts of the valley

On this International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, Indie Journal follows the 28 year struggle by a mother to find her son who went missing in Kashmir.
Isra Al Ghamgham

Legal Murder

Mid West
Prominent Saudi Shia activist Isra-al-Ghamgham, is facing a death penalty for charges of 'providing moral support to rioters'.

Lifting the Veil

Quick Reads
Ismat Chughtai was one of those first few writers who challenged the patriarchal norms by writing about certain topics from the list of taboos which are still prevalent in India.

After the blast

Residents of Mahul’s Project Affected Persons (PAP) township have been asking for relocation and on the morning of August 9, little did they know that their fears will come true.
Zimbabwe Elections

Zimbabwe goes to polls

Here is how things transpired in a series of events since the ‘coup’ that dethroned Robert Mugabe.

Gay! not sick

Even if section 377 is invalidated, there is still a long fight for civil rights like right to marriage, adoption and equal opportunity, which stands before the LGBTQ community.