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News Dabba for 21 November 2022: Five stories for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Indie Journal

Indie Journal brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Mangaluru auto rickshaw blast updates, Bharat Jodo Yatra set to enter MP, to earthquake in Indonesia.


The Hindu reports updates on investigation of Mangaluru auto rickshaw blast

The prime suspect in Saturday’s blast in Mangaluru stayed in Coimbatore in the first week of September, as per a report by the Hindu based on police investigation revelations. The 24-year-old suspect, Mohammed Shariq, was also one of the two people injured in the blast that occurred in a moving auto rickshaw. The report adds While staying in a dormitory in Coimbatore, Shariq used his associate Surendran’s Aadhaar card credentials to obtain a SIM card. Though there is no prior record of him coming to the adverse notice of the police, investigators are looking at the possibility of his links with Jameesha Mubin, who was killed in a car blast in Coimbatore last month, or with other suspected Islamic State operatives and sympathisers in the State. Read the full report here.


Indian Express Political Pulse: Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra entering MP


Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra will enter its first Hindi heartland state of Madhya Pradesh on the morning of November 2. The Indian Express article takes into view what will be in focus while the Yatra is in MP. It says during the yatra, Gandhi will visit Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple, offer puja to the holy Narmada river and go to the birthplaces of tribal leader Tantya Bhil in Khandwa and B R Ambedkar in Indore’s Mhow. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi will also be joining Rahul for the Yatra in MP from Burhanpur district. While the Yatra will focus on social harmony and employment, the report adds Congress leader saying some who might walk a short distance with Gandhi tentatively include tribal victims of atrocities, victims of hate crimes and violence, as well as women’s groups working against rising crimes against women. Read the full report here.


Club-goer used shooter's gun to subdue him at Club Q Colorado, BBC

People at a gay club in the US state of Colorado have been hailed as heroes for subduing a gunman and preventing a deadly shooting from being even worse, BBC reports. Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said one patron grabbed the attacker's own gun and hit him with it during the shooting in Club Q on Saturday night. Another club-goer reportedly helped to keep the gunman pinned down until police arrived. The gunman killed five people and injured 25 more before being arrested, the report says. Read the full report here.


More than a dozen killed in Indonesia’s 5.6 magnitude quake: The Straits Times

More than a dozen people were killed in a 5.6-magnitude quake that rattled Indonesia’s West Java province on Monday, the Straits Times reports a local official saying. The quake occurred at a depth of 10km, the weather and geophysics agency (BMKG) said earlier. It rattled the Indonesian capital Jakarta for several seconds. Herman Suherman, a government official from Cianjur, where the epicentre of the quake was located, said up to 20 people had died at one hospital in the area. Read the full report here.


NDTV reports UP Woman's murder, arallels With Shraddha -Walkar's Killing In Delhi


NDTV reports that a man in Uttar Pradesh has been arrested for allegedly killing a woman, a former girlfriend, and chopping up her body into six pieces. The case has chilling similarities with the sensational killing of Shraddha Walkar by her partner Aaftab Poonawala in Delhi. The report says Prince Yadav, the alleged killer in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh, was caught in an encounter after he tried to escape police custody on Sunday while the police had taken him to a spot to find the severed head of the woman. He was arrested on Saturday. The murder was revealed on November 15 when parts of a body were found inside a well outside a village in Azamgarh, report adds. Read the full report here.