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News Dabba for 17 August 2023: Five stories for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Indie Journal


Indie Journal brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from the hearing on abrogation of Article 370, Chandrayan's moon approach to South Korea's plan to attract foreign students.


The Hindu live blog on Supreme Court hearing on Article 370 abrogation

The Hindu is live blogging the hearing before a Supreme Court bench where Senior advocates Dushyant Dave and Shekhar Naphade are arguing in the Supreme Court that Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, was abrogated in an unconstitutional manner. The blog reports that Dave submited that the parliamentary exercise of power, in this case, was a complete case of colourable exercise of power and that this was done because the J&K Assembly was dissolved. He has also contended that the abrogation was a fraud on the Constitution. Read the live blog here.


The BBC reports on Chandrayaan-3 approaching lunar surface

The BBC is reporting on India's third lunar mission, called Chandrayan 3, which is inching closer to the Moon's little-explored south pole where it aims to set down a lander and rover on 23 August. The report mentions that on Thursday, the lander detached from the propulsion module, which carried it close to the Moon, beginning its last phase of the mission and that Chandrayaan-3, however, may not be the first to land on the south pole if it's beaten by a new Russian mission. Read the full report here.



The Hindu reports on Chinese President's appeal for patience during economic upheaval

The Hindu is reporting that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called for patience in a speech released as the ruling Communist Party tries to reverse a deepening economic slump. Xi has apparently said that 'Western countries are “increasingly in trouble” because of their materialism and “spiritual poverty".' Xi's speech was published by Qiushi, the party's top theoretical journal. Read the full report here.


Africa News reports on US sanctions against the former head of the Nature Protection Institute

Africa News is reporting that the former director-general of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN), Cosma Wilungula, and two other former officials of this public institute in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have been placed on the US sanctions list. Cosma Wilungula and two of his associates, Léonard Muamba and Augustin Ngumbi, are banned from entering the United States "due to their involvement in significant acts of corruption", Africa News quotes the statement from US State Department. Read the full report here.


The Straits Times reports South Korea's 5-year plan to attract 300,000 foreign students

According to a report by The Straits Times, South Korea’s Ministry of Education on Wednesday has annpunced a five-year plan aimed at attracting 300,000 international students to tackle the nation’s rapidly declining school-age population and strengthen the competitiveness of local universities already reeling from enrolment shortages. To attract more foreign students to enrol in South Korean universities, the Education Ministry plans to revise the International Education Quality Assurance System. Read the full report here.