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News Dabba for 08 April 2024: Five stories for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

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Indie Journal brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Congress' complaint against PM Modi over over ‘Muslim League’ jab at manifesto, Delhi Court rejecting K Kavitha's bail, to Myanmar Army recruiting Rohingyas to fight for them.


Congress moves EC against PM Modi over ‘Muslim League’ jab at manifesto: Hindustan Times

The Congress on Monday moved the Election Commission against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party with series of complaints ahead of Lok Sabha , Hindustan Times reports. The party has lodged a complaint against the prime minister for calling its manifesto an ‘imprint’ of Muslim League. “The Congress manifesto completely bears the imprint of the Muslim League and whatever part of it is left is completely dominated by the leftists,” the prime minister had said at rallies in Saharanpur and Ajmer last week. Read the full report here.


India Today on Delhi court rejecing K Kavitha's bail


A Delhi court on Monday rejected the bail plea of BRS leader K Kavitha in the Delhi excise policy case maintaining that she cannot be called a 'vulnerable' woman, India Today reports. The court stated that K Kavitha has been instrumental in influencing witnesses and there is every likelihood of her continuing to do so in case the relief prayed for is granted. K Kavitha not only engaged in the destruction of material evidence by formatting her phones before joining the investigation, the court said, as per the report. Read the full report here.


At least 94 dead in Mozambique after boat capsizes, Al Jazeera

At least 94 people, including children, have died and 26 others are missing after a ferry boat capsized off the northern coast of Mozambique, say officials. Al Jazeera reports as per an administrator of the country’s Maritime Transport Institute (INTRASMAR) that the vessel was an overloaded fishing boat and was not licenced to transport people. The boat was ferrying people from Lunga in Nampula province to the Island of Mozambique, he said. Initial reports indicated that it was hit by a tidal wave, the report says. Most of those on board were trying to escape the mainland because of a panic caused by disinformation about cholera. Read the full report here.


SC asks, 'how many to be jailed before elections?', NDTV reports

The Supreme Court has restored the bail granted to a Youtuber who allegedly made derogatory remarks against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, NDTV reports, saying that everyone who makes allegations on social media cannot be jailed. The bench, comprising Justices Abhay S Oka and Ujjal Bhuyan, said that there was no evidence to suggest that A Duraimurugan Sattai had misused the liberty granted to him. During the hearing, Justice Oka raised a crucial question, addressing Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi, who represented the State, stating, "If before elections, we start putting behind bars everyone who makes allegations on Youtube, imagine how many will be jailed?" Read the full report here.


BBC: Myanmar's army massacred Rohingyas. Now it wants their help


Nearly seven years after the Myanmar military killed thousands of Muslim Rohingyas, in what the UN called "textbook ethnic cleansing", BBC reports that it wants their help. The report, based on interviews with Rohingyas living in Rakhine State, says that at least 100 of them being conscripted in recent weeks to fight for the embattled junta. The BBC has spoken to several Rohingyas who have confirmed that army officers have been going around the camps and ordering the younger men to report for military training. Rohingyas in Myanmar are still denied citizenship, and subjected to a range of discriminatory restrictions - like a ban on travel outside their communities. Read the full report here.