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News Dabba for 04 April 2024: Five stories for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

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Indie Journal brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Taiwan earthquake updates, Madhya Pradesh toll plaza attack, to aid groups halting work in Gaza.


Helicopter rescues Taiwan miners as earthquake injuries top 1,000, The Straits Times

A helicopter plucked six people stranded in a mining area to safety on Thursday, The Striats Times rported, after Taiwan’s worst earthquake in 25 years. Hundreds of aftershocks hve been rocking the eastern region near its epicentre drove scores more to seek shelter outdoors. The number of injured on Wednesday’s 7.4-magnitude quake rose to 1,058, authorities said. Most of the roughly 50 hotel workers marooned on a highway as they travelled to a resort in a national park had been located. A further 646 people are still trapped, mostly in hotels in the park, due to the road being cut off, the report adds. Read the full report here.


12 miscreants open fire at Madhya Pradesh toll plaza, Hindustan Times


Two persons lost their lives after falling into a well while trying to flee during an attack by assailants at a toll plaza in Madhya Pradesh's Datia district on Wednesday. Hindustan Times reports that the incident, captured on a CCTV camera, took place at the toll plaza situated within the jurisdiction of Chirula police station on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The miscreants fired at the men for around 15 minutes. There were a total of 12 people who fired at the men at the toll plaza.  A case has been registered against the accused and further investigation is underway in the matter, the report adds. Read the full report here.


NDTV on sacked leader Sanjay Nirupam's allegations

A day after being expelled by the party, NDTV reports that former Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam, who claimed that he had already tendered his resignation letter to the party president, hit out at his former party, saying that it has five centres of power. Explaining the organisational structure of the Congress, Mr Nirupam said, "Earlier there was one centre of power within the Congress and there was a coterie and all the other leaders used to fight against them. Currently, you will be surprised to know that the Congress party has five power centres." He further said, as per the report, that all five have their own different caucus and lobby which fights among each other. Read the full report here.


Indian Express: IAF helicopter makes emergency landing in Ladakh

An Apache helicopter of the Indian Air Force made an emergency landing in Ladakh and sustained damage due to undulating terrain and high altitude, the IAF said on Thursday. Indian Express reports that the incident took place on Wednesday and both the pilots on board are safe. The IAF has ordered a Court of Inquiry into the incident. Read the full report here.


Fears for Gazans as aid groups halt work over deadly Israeli strike, BBC reports


Many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will be wondering how they are going to feed their families after World Central Kitchen (WCK) paused its operations in response to the killing of seven of its aid workers in an Israeli air strike. BBC reports that another US charity it works with, Anera, has also suspended work because of the escalating risks faced by its local staff and their families. Together, they were serving two million meals a week across the Palestinian territory, the report mentions. The UN has warned that an estimated 1.1 million people in Gaza - half the population - are facing catastrophic hunger because of Israeli restrictions on aid deliveries, amid Israel's continuous attacks. WCK's decision to pause its work also led to the "freezing" of a maritime aid corridor from Cyprus, the report adds. Read the full report here.