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News Dabba 29 June: 5 stories across the web for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Shubham Patil

Anushka Vani brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from the demand for the NREGS scheme on an ascent, updates on the Udaipur killing, France's homeless population tripling this year, a truth about Trump painted by an ex-aide of the White House, to the Twitter account which led to Zubair’s arrest that does not exist anymore.


2.6 CR families were covered under the NREGS scheme in May, reports Indian Express


According to the data obtained from the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MG-NREGS), 2.61 crore households worked under the scheme in May 2022, which is 39 lakh or in other words 17.39 percent higher than the corresponding month of last year, when the figure was about 2.22 crore. This growth has been witnessed after the dip in April, after which the demand for the scheme hiked, reports Indian Express. As per the analysis provided by the report, the total number of households that availed the NREGS was lower in May 2020. It rose to 3.30 crore, as migrants returned to their villages in wake of lockdown during the first wave of Covid-19. Read the full report on IE.


The Wire’s report states that Udaipur killing was meant to spread terror

The Wire in today’s report says that the Rajasthan Police has registered a case under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against two men who brutally murdered Kanhaiya Lal who was a tailor from Udaipur on Tuesday. Additionally, it adds that the murder was “meant to spread terror”, as per Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The case has been assigned to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the Rajasthan Police. Read the full report on The Wire.


Al Jazeera reports housing shortage is the reason for rise in homeless population in France

According to Al Jazeera, Europe’s third largest economy is facing a housing crisis, though France authorities have consistently passed laws to reinforce access to accommodation over the past thirsty years. According to the report, the country has some of the worlds most comprehensive housing policies, yet the people in France have become victims of France’s dramatic and ever-growing housing crisis. The report has shared an insight into the statistics of France’s homeless population that is said to have tripled to at least 3,00,000, thrice as many as in 2001. Read the full report on Al Jazeera.


Ex-aide paints a devastating picture of Trump, reports BBC

The congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol was missing a key piece of the puzzle. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, filled in the missing gaps, reports BBC. As per the report, she painted a devastating picture that includes an allegation which former US president Donald Trump denies. He denies that he tried to grab the steering wheel of the car he was travelling in and wrestled with a Secret Service officer in an attempt to divert his motorcycle to the Capitol, where his supported were gathered. The report also says that the committee went to lengths to establish how the White House, and the President himself, knew that there was a very real threat of violence planned on January 6 and he did nothing to stop it. Read the full report on BBC.


Scroll reported that Twitter account that led the Mohammed Zubair's arrest does not exist anymore


Scroll reports that the first information report (FIR) against Mohammed Zubair Alt News’s co-founder was filed after the Twitter account @balajikijaiin which went by the name Hanuman Bhakt objected to a 2018 tweet of Mohammed. Followed by this, the report says that this was the only tweet posted by the anonymous account which had only three followers until the arrest of Zubair on Monday evening. On Wednesday morning, a message said, “This account doesn’t exist.” Read the full report on Scroll.