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News Dabba 27 June: 5 stories across the web for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Shubham Patil

Anushka Vani brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Uddhav Thackeray government losing majority in the assembly, sugar mill in Satara facing action from ED, Japanese citizens warned to save power or face power cuts to Assam flood toll rising to 127.


Uddhav Thackeray government has lost majority in assembly: Eknath Shinde in SC, Hindustan Times reports


Amid the Maharashtra political crisis, Hindustan Times reports that the rebel MLA Eknath Shinde reiterated in the petition filed before the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday that the Uddhav Thackeray-led Vikas Maha Aghadi (MVA) government has lost the majority as the Shiv Sena legislative party has withdrawn support. The report also added that the Shinde camp had to take it up to the SC challenging the disqualification notices that were sent by the Deputy speaker Narhari Zirwal to them on June 21. The notice said that the move represented a misuse of the anti-defection law by the MVA coalition. Read the full report on HT.


Ecuador promises fuel price cuts amid protests,  BBC report

BBC reports that Ecuador’s President has promised to lower fuel prices across the country after weeks of disruptive mass protests over the cost of living. With the hiked-up furls and essential commodities price hike in the country, protesters blocked key roads and staged mass rallies demanding action on fuel and food prices, the report also states that some of these actions have turned violent. In response to the protests, Guillermo Lasso vowed to cut 10 cents a gallon from both petrol and diesel prices. Read the full report on BBC.


Sugar mill in Satara under ED, Indian Express reports

Indian Express in today’s report is about a sugar mill in Maharashtra’s Satara district which has been facing actions from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for alleged financial irregularities. According to the report at the start of 2021-2022 sugarcane crushing season, the Jarandeshwar Sugar Mills Limited had faced action from ED that was related to the property of the mill. Currently, the actions against the mill were due to financial irregularities as it was formerly sold to a private party by the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank. Read the full report on IE.


Japanese told to turn off lights to save energy, The Guardian

As Japan experiences extreme temperatures, the government warned the people in Tokyo region to save energy, or they would have to face power cuts, reports The Guardian. As per the report, the city experiences 35 degrees Celsius throughout the day and is estimated to experience similar weather conditions throughout the week, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). “We ask the public to reduce energy consumption during the early evening hours when the reserve ratio falls,” Yoshihiko Isozaki, the deputy chief cabinet secretary, told reporters as per the news. Read the full report on the Guardian.


Assam flood toll rises to 127, Scroll


As the Assam floods continue to disrupt the lives of the citizens, five more people died due to the floods on Sunday. This took the cumulative tally to 127, reports Scroll. These five fatalities were reported from Barpeta, Darrang, Cachar, Morigaon and Karimganj districts. Out of the five, four were children, says the report. The report also shared an insight into the total number of persons affected by the floods and that is about 22,21,577. Read the full report on Scroll.