GN Saibaba fired by college without explanation, wife to move high court

53-year-old Saibaba is 90% physically handicapped and taught English at DU’s Ram Lal Anand College.

Credit : Indie Journal

G.N. Saibaba, the wheelchair-bound Delhi University professor who is serving a life sentence in the Taloja prison has been terminated from his position of Assistant Professor at Ram Lal Anand College. Delhi University has not given any reason for the sudden termination.

"The services of Dr. G.N. Saibaba, Assistant Professor, Ram Lal Anand College are terminated with effect from the afternoon of 31st day of March 2021," reads a 'memorandum' issued by college on March 31, 2021. The letter is signed by the college principal and does not cite any references or sources why the action was taken.

53-year-old Saibaba is 90% physically handicapped and bound to a wheelchair, taught English at DU’s Ram Lal Anand College. He was teaching at the same institution until his arrest by Police in 2014 from his residence.

Earlier this year in February, it was also reported that Saibaba had tested positive for coronavirus.

Saibaba’s wife, A.S.Vasantha Kumari, shared the notices and earlier conversations with the university in this regard through email with Indie Journal. "I have requested university authorities many times to help us and support but they are not assisting us whatsoever," Vasantha Kumari said.

“The notice basically contains only one sentence regarding termination from University. There is no explanation whatsoever given by the college authority. I have no other option of livelihood and this will create a financial crisis for our family. Our daughter is studying for now and we do not have any other income source other than his salary. I probably have to take another job for the same. As recently, we have lost many of our family members. Thus it is very difficult for us to get any help from them,” she said while talking to Indie Journal. "I will be moving to the high court against this," she added.

From the mail shared by Vasantha, the college authorities have issued multiple 'show cause notices' in this regard, asking 'Reasons why Dr. G.N Saibaba is unable to respond to our letter in the time given to him' even though he was in prison. Vasantha and other staff at Delhi University had reverted to these notices in due time. College authorities had confirmed on 3rd September 2020 that 'the (college) committee is not considering disciplinary proceedings against him for misconduct or indiscipline hence his earlier conduct as a teacher is irrelevant. Owing to his conduct he has placed himself in such a position that he is unable to perform his contractual obligations. This is the ground for action by the college.'

Saibaba and four other people were sentenced by the District and Sessions Court in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli on March 7, 2017, to life in prison under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act UAPA. Gadchiroli Police claimed that he had links with Maoists and was 'likely to indulge in anti-national activities.' Recently he had infected with COVID-19 in prison and his health conditions were worsened. His family has accused the prison authorities of neglecting Saibaba's health and wellness, including denying permission to meet his elderly mother last year, even after her death.